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AKC Points / Summary of Title Progression for - VLover OPM BeauJ Doubl Trouble "Justice"

Conformation - Awards Processed Through Friday April 07, 2017

Number of Points 5
Number Major Wins 1
Number Major Judges 1
Total Number Judges 1

Kenai Kennel Club, Anchorage, AK 

Licensed by the American Kennel Club

January, 28th 2012 - Judge: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell

​​​​​​​VLover OPM BeauJ Doubl Trouble, Brdr: Claudia Wallen, Owner: Laura, Agent: Brenda Buechler
Pomeranian, ​​​Open Dog, 1/W/BOB/BOW/4 pt Major

Kenai Kennel Club, Inc. Anchorage, AK
Licensed by the American Kennel Club

January, 29th 2012​​ - Judge:​​​ Mr. William Cunningham

VLover OPM BeauJ DOoubl Trouble, Brdr: Claudia Wallen Owner: Laura Agent: Brenda Buechler
Pomeranian, Open dog, ​​​​​​1/Reserve/1PT

Tanana Valley KC, Inc. . - CONF/OB/JS - 5/25/13

Pomeranian,, American Bred Dogs
1/7 VLover OPM BeauJ Doubl Trouble, TR59320002. 3/27/06. Brdr: Claudia Wallen, Visions Midnight Majic - Beau James Liberty O'Pearl Moon.
Owners: Laura, Agent: Brenda Buechler

Foundation Sire

Justice was purchased as a beloved pet. Although, he was show quality, many years would pass before I would enter a show ring. Justice was shown years later as a friend graciously showed him for me. Although, some would say that it was disappointing that he was never finished, this same friend encouraged me to show him, as she thought he was such a beautiful dog. I have been showing ever since.

Justice has sired some wonderful puppies, which I have kept a few. As a sire, Justice has been equally successful, and could of been much more successful, had I decided to breed him earlier on. By far the most prepotent sire out of Justice, who continues to carry on his genetics, comes from Elvis, the sire to Jackson. Here is where is legacy lives on. Although Justice never got chance to reach his full potential his legacy continues to live on in future generations.

“There is hardly a day that I don’t think of Justice. He is greatly missed.  

  -- 2016 ---

Left to right: Elvis, Pyper and Justice.