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My name is Laura and I am a small breeder/ exhibitor of show Pomeranian's. My passion for Poms started thirteen years ago with the purchase of a beautiful orange male that I received from Claudia Wallen of Pearl Moon Poms. Since then we have introduced Beau James by Cynthia Wallen and recently Avalon Poms by Annette Davis. Our  bloodlines include Avalon's, Lenette, Beau James. Finch's, SkylinePoms, Starfire's  Wee Hearts, including Millamoor, Great Elms and Bonner found in the Beau James lines,

Breeding Practices and what I have learned

My experience has taught me that the backbone of a strong breeding program is sound, well-bred Pomeranian's and my first years were spent acquiring the foundation of our breeding program. I learned that starting over would be something I would do a few times because of the choices made in the breeding stock that was chosen. I have learned early on that a good stud cannot make up for a poor bitch and outstanding brood bitch will fail with the wrong male.  

Along the way I have learned that trying to predict an offspring’s success can be challenging. Bloodlines are the key to the determination of a dog’s future; however, in breeding dogs, desirable genes can forget to co-operate. There is only one basis of successful breeding; by the selection of parents. Often it is the parent that is more intensely bred who will be more pre-potent.  It is also wise to take in to consideration that just because a dog is a champion, that does not mean he can produce. With everything being equal when looking at a pedigree, I will often place the most importance on the dam. So, when starting a breeding program, it is wise to get the best bitch you can afford, she will be the backbone of your breeding program. Researching breeders and their lines will lead to accomplishing your goals in a shorter amount of time. 

There are Pomeranian's that are for companion, breeding and those for show. Breeders that show their Pomeranian's sort the litters by one of these

categories. Often breeding and show over lap but this is not always the case. When it comes to a "quality show dog" it is considered the "highest" of the standard. When you purchase from a show breeder your puppy definitely has a great start as it will be of high quality.  Each litter is bred to produce show puppies but the reality of it is; most litters may only have one or two puppies who are show potential leaving the remaining litter as either companion or breeding quality. The difference between show and companion Pomeranian's is very minor. A show breeder must  understand the breed standard "very well" to have any hope of producing high quality dogs for showing. They must have developed a good eye by learned knowledge. Prices for puppies vary by breeder and  the "higher the quality" of show dog you want the more you will spend. 


2018/2019 - This year we have  Danny  that we will introduce to the world of showing. Dawson will begin to show this upcoming year after being out of the ring for over a year; to finish his championship.

2017 - Showing is relatively new for to us beginning in 2012. This year we have two bred by's, Jackson and Dawson that we will introduce to the show ring. Follow along by visiting each of their pages.

We are foremost show breeders and working on preserving the breed standard through selective breeding. On occasion we may have puppies available, so stop by often for updates or email us for upcoming litters.


We are members of the Tanana Valley kennel Club.

SChampion, Multi GRP Placement

Bred By: GrCh. Ch Darlynns Creme Dulce de Leche - Jackson

Multiple Group Placing & Group Winner

Handled by owner-breeder


Bred By: Rumor Tell It Like It - Kayla

Handled by owner-breeder


Bred By: Darlynns Sweet and Dandy - Dawson  (Major pointed) 

Avalons Lady Locket at Darlynns - Lucy  (Major Pointed)

Up & Coming Show Prospects Show Prospects

Bred By: Darlynn's Little Red Deuce - Danny

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